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A hospitalist is a medical doctor who manages and coordinates the daily medical care of patients while they are in the hospital. A hospitalist may also supervise and teach medical students, interns, and residents. 

Your Valley Care Clinics doctor will work with a hospitalist to care for you while you are in the hospital. 

Hospitals and their associated hospitalists include:

Edinburg Regional Medical Center

Pedro R. Abanto, MD
Jonathan Longoria, MD
Paula Martinez-Burgos, MD
Agustin Mego, MD
Ali Naqvi, MD
Pablo Olmedo, MD
Ricardo Sobrevilla, MD

McAllen Medical Center

Khursheed Alam, MD
Padmini Bhadriraju, MD
Abraham Campoy, MD
Martha Cano, MD
Helena Cobos, MD
Benjamin Fano, MD
Cesar Garza, MD
Carmen Gomez Fitzpatrick, MD
Yolanda Gonzalez Giraldo, MD
Aparna Mohan, MD
Olga Olivares-Herrera, MD
Yolanda Perkins Cobos, MD
Nyan Phyo, MD
Francisco C. Rugama, MD
Homer Salinas Perez, MD
Luis San Miguel, MD
Gilbert Santos, PA
Nirupama Shekar, MD

McAllen Heart Hospital

Maria Kintanar, MD
Kashmira Massani, MD
Vladimir Semilla, MD

South Texas Behavioral Health Center

Gaylyn Holstein, MD
Ruben Pinero, MD