Medical Records

Your medical history holds important insight into the care you’ve received, which is why we ask patients to transfer their medical records to the Valley Care Clinics. By understanding the history of your health and well-being, your physician can recommend proper treatment options.

Medical RecordsThe staff members at the Valley Care Clinics maintain HIPAA compliance and adhere to the regulations that define how medical records should be handled, organized and kept safe. Download our Notice of Privacy Policy for a description about how we protect your sensitive medical information.

Transferring your records

To transfer your records to the Valley Care Clinics:

To transfer your records to another care facility:

  • Contact your new physician’s office for their transfer procedure
  • If their office requires a Medical Records Release form from our office, you can download it here >

At any time, you can request a copy of your medical records for a small fee. The fee covers the process of preparing your medical records for personal use. We charge $20 for the first five pages and 50 cents for any additional pages.

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