Billing Information

At Valley Care Clinics, we can help you get answers about your bill, payments and statements. Our Patient Account Representative (PARs) can guide you through questions you may have. They’re available over the phone at 1-855-298-6628.

The following information covers our payment policy and statement guide.

Billing Information


Depending on the services we provide, you may incur additional charges for the tests that you received. Because of this, payment amounts at the time of check-in are considered estimates. After your appointment you may receive an additional bill in the mail, or we may ask for payment before you leave the office. Our clinics accept cash, checks and major credit cards.

Your level of insurance coverage also affects payment amounts.

Those without insurance

We ask that you pay your bill in full at the time of your appointment. If your physician performs additional tests or other services, you are responsible for paying the extra charges.

Those with insurance

For patients enrolled in a participating plan, VCC will file your insurance claim for you. We do accept assignment of benefits for a number of insurance plans.

See a general list of insurance plans that VCC participates in >

At the time of your appointment, we collect any and all applicable copayments, coinsurances, deductibles or other non-covered charges. Insurance plans and policies vary, and because of that, it’s unlikely that we will know your exact coverage. It’s your responsibility to understand what services are covered before making an appointment.

For any questions related to your deductible, please refer to the phone number found on your insurance card. We ask that you please notify us if your insurance coverage or employment changes, as well as any changes in your address or telephone number.


After your appointment we will submit a claim, or list of services rendered, to your insurance company for payment. Claims sent electronically are paid within 30 days, while those sent by mail typically take 45 days. The method used to send claims is based on your insurance company’s preference. If you have secondary insurance, it will not be paid until your primary insurance pays their portion. This can take up to 90 additional days before your secondary insurance pays the remaining balance.

The entire process can take several weeks before you receive your first statement.

After your insurance company processes the charges, you’ll then receive a statement from our office with any balances due. We ask that you please pay all balances by the date listed. Delinquent accounts may go to a collection agency if balances go unpaid for 120 days. If your account remains unpaid, we may dismiss you from our practice.

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